Aagesen Madden

Let's face it, every one has exhibited at a tradeshow and at the end of-the show said, 'I will never do this show again.' With the proliferation of trade shows today, which show can you choose? Well, firstly you don't only choose one show and let that be your plan for the year; you plan your schedule strategically. I would suggest, depending on your business, let's get production for instance, you select no less than two shows annually and more, if warranted (more on that in a moment). Two displays, one in the fall and one in the spring, allows your organization the power from any revenue cycles that may occur. More to the point it allows your sales staff to interface with prospects and suspects, as well as clients, that might only get perfunctory interest during the rest of the year. And, it gives excellent momentum for introduction of new products and services. A lot more than two shows? Positively, if your organization has opportunities in sectors of large industry groups. If you know anything, you will perhaps want to research about site.

But which shows? Here are a few ideas to consider: where can your house be located and what is the tendency in exhibitors, If the present is National? May your space be placed near the entrance or are you going to relegated to some hidden space in the back-of the hall? Once the calls-to entry will come in, are the same number of exhibitors registered this year as last OR is it bad gain? Is the show director, your industry association? And, if that's the case, are they providing symposia on significant market problems (or maybe no round tables or subjects at all)? If that's the case, can your sales manager be considered a speaker or at least over a round table discussion cell? If not, chances are your customers will miss out the show and feel the same. I'd poll your five top clients and ask what show( s) they attend. And, if there are many new prospects or suspects which have high potential, question them too. A glimpse of well-known? Probably. Good marketing? Without a doubt.

Imagine if the shows your company is considering are simply just Regional or Local in scope? I would call the show manager and ask about work during the last a few years. It is certainly worth considering if it is up or steady;. Or even, what is the point?

If it's Regional, I would absolutely ask t