ALR's Chef Emy

ALR Industries Chef Emy will show you how to prepare delicious, healthy meals using HumaPro®, the ONLY Protein Specifically Formulated for the HUMAN Body! Currently in 2 refreshingly clean flavors, Apple Cider & Sour Grape; the clean flavors lend themselves beautifully to a variety of both sweet & savory dishes! Simply adding a scoop of HumaPro® to your meal will add the equivalent of 28 gm of Protein, with ONLY 5 CALORIES and NO FAT OR CARBS!

HumaPro® is an Essential Amino Matrix that is 99% absorbed by the body, and is only 1% waste! Think about how much less stress your kidneys will have to endure, and how much MORE healthy protein your body can make use of! HumaPro® is not only the PERFECT protein for the human digestive system, it's also a powerful ANTIOXIDENT, a NUTRIENT REPARTITIONING AGENT (shuttles nutrients AWAY from fat cells & into lean muscle cells) AND HumaPro® has also been CLINICALLY VALIDATED TO HELP REDUCE & REGULATE BLOOD SUGAR! Visit for complete details!