Humberto Ayala Islas

Humberto Ayala Islas was born in September 26, 1996 in villacorzo Chiapas

In his childhood was one of those unsociable children,apart from all lonely,with time he turned more social he achieved make many friends

In the school the two arms was broken playing in a tree and was hospitalized for two weeks, his life during these two weeks was very boring

During the adolescence fell in love with a girlhe wrote letters, sent her chocolates and finally broke her heart.

During the school he became a great goalkeeperinjuring hands and even came to not being able to write anything for dayseven so may he made his team won the school champions as well participated in the state contest biology managing to obtain the first state place

Actually he has a university student He studied engineering software development he is a passionate player of videogames winner of tournament of halo
His hobbies are:

Ride bikes, play videogames,play soccer,