Humberto Diaz

DJ, Writer, and Producer in Brooklyn, New York

We live in a world of division. I hate that.

I am seeking to unite the world and develop a deeper personal understanding of self through passionate art.

I work with or for people who want to materialize this vision by expanding and progressing the four traditional Hip-Hop Arts (DJing, MCing, Dancing, and Art)

Imagine a venue where Electric and Traditional DJ's mash up beautiful music, while Dancers inspire us with their movements, while Word Smiths (MC's) share their lyrical understanding of life, while artists interpret our development through various art forms.

Just imagine. All the passion. United. We had it before. I want it back with purpose. I focus on DJing, MCing, and the Production of music. What's your purpose?

No matter the occasion I have song for that or it's under development. But, you will only understand that after you experience it. Contact me if you're curious.

  • Education
    • The King's College