Peace for All Humanity


A western philosopher has written that it appears that man is a stranger in this vast universe. It seems that neither has man been made for this world, nor has this world been made for man. Both seem mismatched. Man is born with unlimited potential, yet in the present world he finds only a very limited use for it. According to his nature, man wants to live eternally, but very soon, without his leave, death arrives and puts an end to his life. He harbors an ocean of desires in his heart, but these desires are never fulfilled. He houses a life of dreams in his mind, but these dreams are never realized. In this case, there is no difference between a poor man and a rich man. Much as we long for a perfect world, we are compelled to live in an imperfect one. Our happiness is always short-lived and our every success is, in some way, eventually a failure. The aspirations that we cherish in the early days of our lives are shattered as we begin to age. Just as we begin to take root on earth, disaster, old age and death overtake us. How meaningful life appears to be and how meaningless it is rendered by its conclusion. How free man appears to be, but how helpless he is before death. How dear he holds his desires and ambitions, only for fate to ruthlessly stamp them out. How strange it is that the flame of life should suddenly be extinguished, a laughing face suddenly grow still to be buried beneath the earth : how strange that a spirit full of hope and aspiration should be removed from the scene of life, leaving all its hopes and aspiration behind in the world Man is in need of a reliable ideology to furnish him with a complete interpretation, and instruct him as to the goal of his existence and direction of his actions and how to exercise knowledge and power. Hope you will like...following books(links)...;=relmfu;=Wg7ERXyE2kI

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