John Smith

To the research analyst that is filtering through the emails, Kudos to you. I was in research in MTV in 2004 got me started in Verizon Wireless and Panasonic afterward. I appreciate your time and support. The nextmovie@MTV should be a series (More impactful) about MTV Networks--not the flash and commercialization it reflects, or a ever-changing "young society", but a series that delves into who the employees are, what are their struggles, how are they overcoming them and fulfilling their purpose in their work, or how can that change to maybe take the science out of selling media? In going public with private lives, we expose the core of society's problem instead of constantly focusing on judgy symptoms. This is something the government obviously won't do for a while, and we are in desperate need of an example- a light. Who better to look to then MTV? The Network that consistently defines a nation. Let's start defining the nation by first identifying who we are and what we as employees, and workers are bringing or hope to bring to their job, and consequently the world. Then, we may be able to look past ourselves and see our neighbors for who they really are. I can tell you, there will be a lot of controversial stuff that's talked about (Like drugs in the office, MTV s the "only network on",, and too much of a reliance on data...Maybe we're looking at the wrong data. (Myself included). Real World = being real about our office culture. Examine how a show was created. Show the audience how their viewing habits effected that corporate decision. Neilsen my be a roadblock, but it's exactly the kind of roadblock that a network like MTV should be plugging. The time has come for our youth to listen to 91.1 public radio and get in tuned with the world, and realizing we just need to foster the best from our employees, without judgement, to make the Network better at it's core. The rivalry in MTV I found was very catty, but I'll have you I'm overly enthusiastic and wierd with people. But, I would not want to work in that atmosphere. There wasn't very much synergy between the department mentalities and goals. Step up to the plate MTV> Call a Spade a Spade, and publically learn from it, and grow with the culture your helping define. Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, To whoever claims the idea as their own and really champions it. Please put your heart and name here, and make MTV significant again. Love, Anonymous