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The goal of the Humility Project is to understand what happens at the intersection of an individual and the culture that surrounds him. What kind of health and Home do these intersections result in? Does this intersection dehumanize the individual or enrich him? And how does it affect his ability to create a life and contribute to the world around him in meaningful ways?

This journey to understand the individual/cultural connection is both professional and personal. My own intersection with the culture of my childhood left me without abilities that I needed to create the life I wanted (confidence, acceptance and trust, for example).

I have spent two decades recovering these abilities. Yet I continue to intersect with cultures that discourage these very things I spent so long recovering.

Over the years, I have been a teacher, parent, artist, and student, all passions of mine that are not valued financially by the cultures I’ve been part of. I’ve also had a host of other jobs and a few other career paths that paid slightly better but didn't inspire my passion.

It seemed I could have either passion and no money or money and no passion.

I swung back and forth until neither of these options was acceptable to me anymore. I wanted to know what I was missing that would allow me to have both resources: passion and money. I am growing more certain as I write this that what I needed to have both is humility.

Of the abilities that I have worked to recover, humility has been the most difficult and has always involved some kind of wrenching emotional or physical loss. I believe that not having humility to begin with made it harder for me to learn it. As I've gained skill with humility, I've developed the idea that learning humility may not always have to involve suffering and pain.

So, on August 1, 2013, I set out on my Humility Project to learn about others' experiences at the intersection of self and culture and how their experiences affect their ability to create the lives they want. Along the way, I hope to better understand the part humility plays in creating the life I envision for myself.

If you want to learn more, contribute your own experiences, or know someone who has an experience to contribute, please email me by clicking the "Email" button at the top of the page.

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