Lujain Hnaity

`Aqaba `Ammān Jordan

19 but it feels like 2. As natural as my mamma's milk. A bibliophile. English literature major. Being sane has never been on my list.

My life isn't going with the flow really. I'm in love with a book character so .. Yah. Life has never been easy until I was intorduced to books.

Books are the only thing I can actually get out of this universe. Well, besides music and movies.

I sing like 24/7 but I'm not really that good all the time. I mean can hit it high, but no too often.

I have the mind of a 50 year old when it comes to love. Don't get me wrong I wanna be in love, but it's quite too early.

Words are what I live for.

The whole concept of living for others, and playing it cool around them, and being so kind and loveable and whatever has never been my thing. I stopped living for the people around me a couple of years ago.

I do live for others. I live for the people in need. I'm in love with an autistic child. With a cancered teenager. And my shattered self :').

Quite enough really :')

  • Work
    • Ambassador at Injaz
  • Education
    • Al Ittihad School
    • University of Jordan