Hungry For Purity is a non-profit organization devoted to building moral purity in the teens within our community. We reside in the Manteca area where we have noticed that the local youth live in a world where character is considered outdated and hedonism is considered the accepted standard. As a result, this generation deals with untimely pregnancies, STD's, rape, imprisonment, sexual harassment, and general corruption that will destroy their minds and lives if left not dealt with. We are thus looking to teach a class on purity to the high schools within the Manteca Unified School District. We are looking to stem the tide of emotion devastation and distorted priorities. We hope to bring back educational ethics and emotional maturity back into the school system. We are striving to teach this class in the Manteca high schools based on the book Purity: the Moral Revolution. We won't relent until we can turn the current school systems from a nest of self-destruction back to a nest for virtue and ethics.