The Hungry Hooker

San Francisco, CA

I entered the adult industry for a number of reasons, but mostly it boils down to love. Love of freedom, love of people, of human sexuality, and of money. For me the money is important almost entirely as it relates to my ability to eat wherever I want whenever I want (as long as I can finagle a reservation). For a girl who can remember all the poignant moments of my life based largely upon what I was eating at the moment, this was a big deal. When I go out to fancy-pants restaurants, I am often the youngest and almost definitely the only person who even remotely looks like me. I wanted to make a blog that combined my love of food and the stories I have to tell from my profession, as they often intersect. Stories for others who have the same streak of hedonism and sense of humor.

Hope you enjoy!

  • Work
    • companion, sexworker, escort, courtesan, etc.
  • Education
    • BA