Huniie'z Buzz Spot

You know how people say you meet people when you are supposed to? That was the case with Huniie. Just weeks after our introduction she became my aunt. Her words inspired me. I remember listening to a piece she had done about domestic violence and was left speechless.
Some know her as a mother, painter, poet, a survivor, a tough cookie who isn't afraid to tell it exactly how she sees it. She is uncensored and for that I absolutely adore her work. She makes you hush up and listen. Her words are that of a wise sage, yet her eyes show the youth of a girl who holds memories in them.
Those memories shine in her cd Introductions, a wonderful freestyled CD full of gut wrenching emotions. She reaches for the soul and leaves you silent, paying attention to every word. To me she is a role model for women off all ages. Never someone who will push her views on someone. She is constantly inquisitive and eager to be educated. As well as the first to step up for others.
I have gotten to know her on a personal level and I must say her charisma to keep on going, no matter how hard life kicks her. Never the victim, she moves through life swiftly. Barely letting any nonsense affect her, she is a fighter, a survivor. Her voice demands attention.
She is my friend. Someone who is dependable, as well a night owl like myself. I remember when I first started reciting my poetry. Her show came on late and i would force myself to stay awake. Just so I could recite on her show, because she was warm and inviting.
She makes everyone feel welcome and always has a listening ear. A respected part of the poetry community, as well as an advocate for everyone, she remains to be a steady voice of survival. She stands tall teaching us all to walk in it victoriously. No matter where we are at in life, we are all part of her extended family and I am blessed to know this wonderful lady.