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Heya I'm Hunk!

This is my art account where I'll be posting finished art work and occasionally wips 🌺

here's what I'll be posting art of !

- steven universe

- Star Wars

- the adventure zone

- Astro boy

- voltron legendary defender

- Invader zim

- Lego verse / lego batman

- any of my OCs

Do I do requests / trades / collabs ?

- I'd be happy to do an art trade with any level artist!!! I love creating art for people and also receiving it.

- I most likely will never do requests and I find it rude to ask for free art anyways.

- I love collabs! Heck me up!

alternative accounts:

@taakosalad is where I post my video edits / amvs

kins / characters you can call me

( I'm fine with doubles ! )

- hunk garrett

- poe dameron

- pearl

- ruby

- duckie dale

- cyborg

please don't follow / interact if..

- you say racist, homophobic, transphobic or ableist slurs

- you ARE racist, homophobic, transphobic, or ableist

- you aren't fine with doubles ( I don't wanna make you uncomfy ! )

- you're gonna unfollow like immediately what's the point why are you doin this ((I could send you some of my art to see if you wanna follow first))

My Instagram story:

I spam a lot on here and I only let my mutuals see it whoops!

Thank you for reading my about! 🐻💘 please enjoy your stay