Hi there! My name is Heathcliff and I'm a Pit Mix from Baton Rouge LA. I now reside in Alabama with my Mom, Dad, little brother Beanie and our grumpy old cat Crastus.

My Adoption Story:

I was picked up as a stray in Baton Rouge and taken to Companion Animal Alliance in July of 2014. There they gave me vaccines, neutered me & discovered I was heartworm positive. I quickly became a favorite at the shelter and was taken to offsite events and even got to lead an educational pet training class for local children!

I was first adopted by a couple in a small apartment. They were nice, but they kept me in my crate too much, so now being confined upsets me. Sadly they ended up returning me to the shelter for being too big and too active.

The next family that adopted me seemed like a better fit at first. They lived on a farm with lots of space and kids for me to play with! Everything was going great until one day I accidentally ate one of their live chickens...oops! They too brought me back to the shelter.

Meanwhile, my Mom had recently lost a rescued foster pit puppy named Squirt in September. One day she was surfing on Petfinder.com just to see who/what was out there and came across my friend Newton. She emailed the shelter but he'd already been adopted that same day. The shelter suggested me as a possibility and sent a photo along. Mom was shocked when she saw it because I looked JUST like Squirt! The more she found out about me, the more sure she was that I was the best fit for the family. On October 5th, her and Beanie drove 13 hours to come pick me up from the shelter.

It's been wonderful ever since! My Mom works for a vet so I get to come with her to work every day. We go home for lunch too so I can play with Beanie and go for a walk with my backpack or play fetch.


I learned to open doors with knobs or lever handles, push or pull, in a total of two days after being home.

I also can let myself out of my crate, so Mom and Dad actually padlock me in when they have to leave.

I once ripped off a foot long section of bath tub when my parents left ( for just 30min ). All the times before, and since then, I haven't destroyed a thing!

The only two toys to survive me thus far have been the largest black Kong and Nylabones.

I absolutely LOVE cats! My cat, your cat, stray cats, any cat!

I get along with all dogs, big or small and I don't even react if one snaps/growls/barks at