Nico Sia


Hey there!

So, My name is Nicholas Sia, they call me Nico in school or they call me by my surname, I am studying at USTHS a PROUD SOPHOMORE, I really Love myself. I am Nice, Friendly and If you're bad well I'm Worst, I Cheat.

I am not Smart, just Average, but I am LAZY! Soo Yeah. I'd like to be a Chef or a Computer Programmer when I Grow up.

My Hobbies are writing stories on Wattpad, Strolling the dogs, Eating, Popping my Pimps, Watching Movies, Playing LoL, and Sleeping too.

I Prefer music's of Taylor Swift, One Direction, and Especially David Guetta, I don't dislike any music because their all Excellent, we just have our own Perspectives.

So... Good luck! thanks for VISITING! :))

  • Work
    • Student
  • Education
    • University of Santo Tomas High School