Scarlette Hunley

Petersburg, Virginia

The women you’ll meet between the covers of this book will become wonderful new friends who can change your life. They’ll share their most personal, painful experiences with you---no excuses, no “spin,” no holding back. Their honesty will prove that they’re real people, just like you. Their discoveries will give you a fresh, new perspective. Their stories of redemption and restoration will inspire you to believe that no matter what bonds need breaking or what wounds need healing in your life, hope is as closer as your next breath---hope not just to survive, but to thrive! As women, we must pull together in a time like this to share our stories of triumph as a means to lift one another up, encourage each other, and spur each other on toward a time where we can all thrive together! Each of us can think of a woman in our lives that—despite her trials and adversity—seemed to pick herself up, dust herself off, and pull herself together. She may not even know how much you looked up to her. Some of us had mothers or grandmothers, teachers or mentors, who paved the way for us illustrating what a thriving woman should look like, no matter how she got there or what incredible hardships she may have faced. This book is a powerfully inspirational collection of life stories from successful women who have been through the darkest of days and found the strength to push through and create the life of their dreams. These amazing women from across the globe divulge their harrowing personal stories on physical, emotional and verbal abuse, life-threatening health conditions, sexual assault, betrayal and abandonment. They confide their deepest fears and lowest moments and reveal how they eventually tapped into the courage and wisdom they never knew they had. Now they THRIVE! Every woman faces abuse, sometimes of multiple types. Women are beaten, sexually assaulted, harassed, and held back every day due to no fault of their own. Abuse in the workplace is common in many fields. Divorce, health concerns, and accidents are becoming more prevalent every day. Hope, Encouragement, Inspiration from Scarlette Hunley, Healing Through Helping Others, Chapter 12 - ( The scenario of my thriving is showing others who have been wounded that, by the grace of God, you can survive and thrive by giving of yourself to those who need help. )

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