She Hunnie

Annyeong everyone!! I'm She Hunnie. I'm from Philippines. I'm still new in this kind of thing so please pardon my grammar if you happen to see any flaws in it. Feel free to tell me anything. :D

Shy Girl. Yeep that's me. People tend to misunderstood me most of the time. Their first impression in me would be always, "You're snob".."You're stiff".."You don't smile", maybe they're right but the truth is, I'm really shy in dealing and meeting with other people because I always think that they will descriminate me. I will not say that I'm ugly. God gave this to me and I thank Him for this gift. As the saying goes, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder", so I say, no one is ugly. Ugly people are those who have "bad attitudes".

I only have few friends(cause I usually don't mingle with other people, especially boys). I wanted to, yes, but I feel like they don't like me. I don't know why. Am I pathetic or what? *sigh* All I want in life is to be happy. You know what makes me happy? It's when someone is happy because of me. Yes, as simple as that. I don't ask for anything, money, riches, fame, I don't need those. They're just earthly things. All i want is to have a happy envronment where every person smiles. That's what I really want. I have you all want that too. :D

So much for that. :)

Uhm, notice my background photo? I know that you know him. Hmm. It's Oh Se Hoon from EXO-K. My ultimate Bias. Hihi. I'm an Exotic fan by the way. They already debuted months ago and I feel bad cause I haven't heard about them before. I feel like I'm too late. *cries* But anyways, Hmm. I guess I should cheer up. They will still have a long journey so I guess I could tag along with them. Hihi. I really love them. They are the first K-pop group that made me fall in love with each and every one of them. Choosing from these 12-gorgeous-hot-cute (name it, they got it all) is like hell. So hard to pick. Hihi. Agree?

But..OH SE HOON is my bias. I also love Baekhyun, LuHan, Lay, Kai, Kris, Suho, Chanyeoul, D.O, Chen, Tao, XiuMin. See? It's really hard to fall in love with twelve boys at the same time. Tsk. <3

I guess, this will be the end of my speech-cum-sharing. Hihi. Keep in touch always. I love you all. Mwaaah. Exotics! <3