Hello, I'm Jessica. Only Jess or Jessie, if you want! February, 1995. Pisces. 〜( ‾⌣‾〜)

yaoi, bookaholic, otaku, future librarian, potterhead, cheesecake, clouds, yaoi, purple, from house stark, circus, crazy fujoshi and shipper, oh sehun, lazy most of the time, yaoi, sloppy writer, tea, yaoi, smell of softener, EXO-L, villain&psychopaths characters, yaoi, chocolate milk, i hate coffee, supernatural, SASUNARU, luhan, yaoi, music, code geass, the joker, yaoi, rise of the guardians, piano (i don't play), strogonoff, sleep, i talk to myself, minseok, BDG, yaoi, lelouch lamperouge, i love women's body, le petit prince, never saw star wars and don't want, family, yaoi, greek mythology, naruto, yaoi, goodness, twilight (the illumination of the earth, please), winter, blue rose, neck, yaoi, children, luna lovegood, arya stark, pink floyd, consumerist, asian culture, cats.

Did I mention I love yaoi?