Hunter Garrett

With a background in content strategy for Discovery Channel’s Integrated Content team and SMB sales experience for Gartner, I believe I bring the skills to scale a company's sales and marketing operations for SMB clients.

My interest in studying consumer buying and financial trends led to my interest in economics, and I graduated from the University of Florida in 2014 with a bachelors degree in Economics and a minor in Entrepreneurship. Wanting to learn more about media sales and marketing strategy, I interned for the Discovery Channel in 2013. My primary role in this internship was to create ad-sales elements for clients such as Mitsubishi, Diet Mountain Dew, and Pixar. Our team was responsible for creating 50M+ in increased advertising sales through effective value creation for clients, the willingness to try new things, and the ability to manage multiple projects in a tight deadline.

Because SMB contributes to such a large portion of the US Economy, I wanted to gain experience in how SMB needs differ from the clients I worked with at Discovery. Working as an SMB intern for Gartner gave me this new perspective, and furthered my skills in sales and client services. During my internship I was able to reach my top-tier bonus with 208% of my quota and helped a fellow intern hit their top-tier bonus in the final week.