Hunter Fox

San Antonio, Texas, United States

I am a student, golfer, gamer, and part time pasta addict. I am the varsity golf team captain at Tom C. Clark high school and proud owner of a lazy golden retriever named Suzie. Most of my time is spent not just playing games but analyzing them for a future in game development. I was born in a military hospital in Georgia but spent most of my childhood in beautiful Germany. The experience of living overseas has opened my eyes to culture and language and has overall made me a better person. I love to travel and dream of seeing the world. Making people smile and laugh are my hobbies and happiness is my goal in life. I would love to return to Europe but right now I'm focused on creating and designing virtual worlds of immersion and adventure. My music tastes can range from Taylor Swift to AC/DC. I would like to be launched into space one day but the lack of oxygen concerns me. The universe fascinates me and learning new things is my goal everyday. Life is an adventure full of mistakes but we fall so we can learn to get up.

  • Education
    • Tom C. Clark High School