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shipping, Software, and Consultant in Ladera Ranch, California

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Hunter Hartman is an eCommerce Shipping Consultant for Move Method. Move Method helps small to large eCommerce companies save money on small parcel shipments, automate the shipping process by implementing rate-shopping software and help develop best practices. Some of the largest companies in the eCommerce market are clients of Hunter Hartman and Move Method. By utilizing Move Method services, clients can expect to receive Commercial Plus Pricing and Cubic Pricing with USPS. Customers will also have access to the best in the industry DHL Express rates, consolidator international rates and access to top of the line rate shopping software.

Hunter Hartman has worked at Move Method since 2013 and has had tremendous success working with eCommerce and third party logistic fulfillment companies to expand into new markets. Utilizing rate shopping/enterprise level software and consulting to ship 'best way' has allowed Hunter Hartman to build a niche in the marketplace of Business to Consumer companies.

What does this enterprise, rate-shopping software bring to eCommerce companies? The biggest value it adds is the ability to rate shop and include all the accessorial fees that the commercial carriers have. These fees include DAS fees, residential surcharge fees, fuel surcharges and dimensional charges. This rate shopping software will bring all of these fees into play so a eCommerce company is truly shipping least cost. As seen in the marketplace today, shipping can make or break a retailer. Any money saved on shipping goes back to the bottom line and allows the company to grow.

There are many insufficiencies in the warehouse. Some of these consist of employees spending too much time looking at their computer screen or playing with the computer mouse. This enterprise software will allow companies to let employees not touch a mouse or the computer at all, eliminating costly mistakes. The employee will simply scan or enter the order number and the box code (to bring in the dimensions of the package) and instantaneously this package will go through an automated rate-shopped process and print a carrier compliant label. This will expedite the shipping process dramatically and also eliminate errors.

If you're in need of the best in the industry USPS Commercial Plus Rates or a free consultation to discuss implementing software, you can reach out to Hunter Hartman at the many social media links below.

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