Hunter Atkins

Sports Reporter in Houston TX

Sportswriter Hunter Atkins is well-known in the industry and has had a successful career. His work has garnered numerous awards, including second place in the 2018 Texas APME sportswriter of the year cont. He is known for his sporting events enterprise trying to report for the Houston Chronicle, where he wrote more than 1,000 stories on a variety of subjects, including the 2017 and 2019 Astros World Series, many Rockets playoff series, the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU) Junior Olympics, the Bass Master Championship, six Chevron Houston Marathons, and Super Bowl LI.

Before enrolling in college, Atkins began his journalism career as a summer intern at the Chicago Sun-Times. He worked as a summer intern at Newsday during his college years. After graduating, he spent more than four years reporting on sports for the New York Times. He also made contributions throughout some of that period to Forbes, ESPN Magazine, and other Greater New York City newspapers. He was a sports reporter for the Houston Chronicle from 2016 until 2020. He works as a freelancer, displaying his skills in various subjects.

Atkins enjoys traveling and seeing new things outside his job as a journalist. As a young adult, he worked as a journalist in South Africa for many months, covering the local pandemic. He has also traveled to other countries and done things like visit the Accademia Gallery in Italy, run with the bulls in Spain, watch Formula 1 in London, explore the catacombs in France, climb dunes in Nicaragua, swims in Thailand's waters, canoe in Vietnam's Mekong Delta, discover Cambodia's jungle ruins, and go on safari in Tanzania.

Hunter Atkins enjoys regenerative farming, recreational baseball, and caring for a small long-haired dachshund named "Cookie" in his spare time.

  • Education
    • Northwestern University