Hunter Pierce Browning

Kansas City

I am a passionate, young entrepreneur/inventor/author. I am the CEO of Fannect, the worlds first mobile competitive social network of sports fans. Fannect allows fans to compete to prove their team has the best fan base and quantify their personal fandom. I also act as CEO/Director of Creative Technology at BLIS Resonance. BLIS is an alternative energy company specializing in the efficient, economic and safe production of hydrogen. I work with alternative energy, product development, multimedia development, technology licensing, and a number of inventive sciences. I am the author of “The Young Entrepreneur” From navigating school halls to the world of business. This book is designed to help other young entrepreneurs experience the amazing journey that I have been fortunate enough to take part in. Structured to provide the lesson of becoming an entrepreneur at a young age without the fluff that just wastes reader’s valuable time while trying to start a new venture. I love working with other passionate and driven people and am always looking for new opportunities! My ultimate goal in life is to watch the technologies developed by BLIS Resonance drastically alter our world for the better.

  • Work
    • BLIS Resonance, Fannect