Kevin Hunter Memphis

Insurance is a complicated business, full of twists and turns that requires the full attention of a well educated, professional individual. To truly receive the best service, a well established insurance agent, such as Kevin Hunter Memphis, is necessary. Kevin Hunter has proven himself on every level, from the small time to the multi-million dollar company. With success throughout his well established career, Kevin Hunter is proving time and time again he not only is a player in the insurance industry, but a true leader, capable of taking any company to the next level and beyond any previous expectations.

Kevin Hunter Memphis began his education at Ole Miss University where he majored in marketing. This helps peak Kevin's interest in the insurance industry and, in just a few years time, received his BS in Marketing from the University.

After graduation, Kevin began his real world campaign to become the most outstanding insurance agent he could be, and he landed an initial job as the general manager for a family owned car dealership. The car dealership brought in $1.8 million annually, once he took over as the general manager, helping the company thrive and move onto the next level.

Following his impeccable success with the car dealership, Kevin Hunter Memphis took up position as an executive director for CellularOne in Northeast Mississippi. Here, he again took the company and transformed it into a major player in the area, bringing in about $2.8 million when he took over. Eventually, CellularOne was soled o another NYSE firm, which signaled Kevin's next big move.

As an avid sports fan, Kevin Hunter quickly became the founder and manager of the Memphis Pharaohs Arena Football team. As he served as the top franchise board member, he helped sign the team to a television contract. He stayed with the team and helped it move towards Portland, Oregon in 1997.

Since then, Kevin has proven himself a success wherever he has gone, including the insurance industry and the gaming industry. The insurance industry proved to be his big launching step, as he received the title of vice-president for the HUB International's Mid-South division. During this time, he became personally licensed to service individuals living not only in the Mississippi area, but also Louisiana and Tennessee.

After his tenure with the insurance agency, he decided to become a major player in Mississippi's $2 billion casino gaming sector and went on to m