Hunter Mizell

Hunter Mizell

A son created by a powerful God
Saved by a majestic King
Structured to do great things
But only to make those decisions himself.

Not knowing what he has in store
He travels the road to his dreams
He travels the road his heart leads him
But mostly, He travels the road God has set out for him

The road is not easy
It has obstacles
It has hurt
But yet he still pushes forward

Not giving up
Not losing hope
Not doubting
But believing in the maker that has set forth this plan

Because he knows and believes
That God will never let him down
Never hurt him
But reward him for following the path he has set out for him

So he continues his journey
On this, not so easy road
Living out the will of his maker
But no matter what he faces on this path, he never looses faith in the ONE TRUE GOD!