Hunter Jensen

I am 15 year old teenager that loves to live life. Though the days maybe become hard, I push harder to fight for what I know is right and just. There's not to many people like me out there. For I do not like to boast but I am very unique. I love my family, God, friends, girlfriend, and my passions for singing, dancing, photography, cars, planes, technology, and school. I am a freshman in a big high school and maintain a GPA of 4.0. I am quick to help and try to be slow to anger. I try and put others before myself for that is what the Lord desires of us. I try to stay "grounded" in everything I do and be humble for no one likes someone who is cocky. Soccer and basketball are by far my favourite sports to play, although I do not watch them on tv for I do not consume my time by watching television. I'm constantly kept busy with school, singing, family, house work, and being social. I am in a military child so I have moved quite a few times. I have lived in Florida, Washington, Virginia, Hawaii, back to Washington, and currently California. I greatly enjoy the snow but I also love warm summer days. I am fairly happy with my looks but am trying to improve my fitness. I guess you could say I have two personalities, I am very mature and like to converse with adults about progressive topics, but when I'm with friends I know how to be lose and just enjoy myself. I do not participate in any acts of drug and alcohol use. I also do not believe in premarital sexual intercourse. I have been happily dating my love for three months now and we're extremely happy. Well that's sums most of it about me... but there's always far more. God Bless :)