Hunter Schultz

Student in Boone, North Carolina

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I am a recent graduate from Appalachian State University and am eager to start my professional career. Originally from Hatfield, Pennsylvania and now living in Boone, North Carolina, I am hoping to expand my horizons and move throughout the country, specifically to Alaska.

I graduated with a degree in Public Relations and a minor in Photography in May of 2018. Throughout my life, I have had jobs and experiences to help curate the person I am today. Traveling from a young age, I have been lucky to see many different cultures to give me new perspectives from places like South Africa, Australia, Italy, Croatia, and Germany.

Various jobs throughout my life like being a waiter, a machinist, and a PR intern have also given me experiences that allowed me to learn what my strengths are, what I like, and where I want to go in my life.

With optimism for the future, I am ready for wherever life may take me, and am positive in myself I will do great things.