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Recently, a lot of debates had been raging on over the issue of SOPA and PIPA bills which were issued in the US senate to be able to curtail the rights of websites in an attempt to eradicate copyright infringement acts. This is a matter of a huge concern. A few media corporate are of the opinion that various sites -which also include poker sites-, are capable of infringing data to such an extent that it could create nothing but more financial loss. India too has not been staying mute in this issue.

Online poker sites are basically experiencing a major boom nowadays while facing a lot of opposition too. Online gambling websites have been majorly considered to be illegal in Indian online scenario. However it turns out that most of the online gambling websites have a majority of players from India. Indian poker players are not only good at their poker strategies, but also addicted to this game! Recently, some websites on poker games started various tournaments in real life. Indian Poker Championship is one major example. Poker guru is also another tournament played real life. These events have innumerable players joining in to show their support and their love for this game.ceme

Recently, some websites have even started publishing web content to prove how the majority of the Indian players are better at playing poker like Texas Hold'em poker, cash poker etc. than the majority of the western players. The reason stated is that Indians are much better at math and calculations. Whether these facts are real or fake, the truth is that poker is indeed a very important online game nowadays. Online gamers love browsing through websites and looking for new games to keep themselves entertained. There is no doubt that they eventually stumble upon poker websites which are growing in numbers, and then get sucked into this world.

The Google search engine with the keywords "poker websites in India" will reveal over 82 million websites. The number is much bigger than it was a few years ago. This inevitably proves that banned or not, poker is indeed a game that most online games love to play and they are not willing to compromise this love for anything.

Much of the hype over online poker games is also the huge profits these websites create every single year. Financially, the economy is benefitting from these and the poker boom is therefore being inevitably fueled more. In such events, the online poker industry is definitely reaching a new height now.