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The Volvo s70 was considered a tight government car. These vehicles were made out of 1997 to 2000. The vehicle featured a revised suspension system and showed a new type in cars. There have been five basic body styles for sale in these cars...

You know you're obtaining a safe car with a million good safety features, In regards to buying a. You also realize that even when you are seeking a pre-owned Volvo, you're still likely to be driving among the best cars on the trail. Get extra information on a related URL by browsing to address.

The Volvo s70 was considered a compact executive car. This dazzling save on paper has some tasteful suggestions for how to recognize it. These vehicles were produced from 1997 to 2000. The automobile presented a revised suspension system and showed a new type in cars. There were five basic body styles available in these cars including the Base, SE, GL, GLT and the T5. The exterior featured new headlamps in addition to a stylish rounded hood at that time. The Volvo s70 featured an optional TRACS traction get a handle on system that applied to leading brakes to reduce wheel slippage.

The Volvo v70 was the station wagon version of the s70. The car featured the exact same revised suspension system as well as the newer rounded cover design and headlamps. Both cars pressed the new electron brake modulation system that improved performance in normal stops. The main benefit of a v70 was in the area for a large family. You were in a position to fit all of your groceries in the back and get the children from school.

As an option both designs were among the first US cars to feature side airbags. In addition they highlighted disc brakes and an anti-lock braking system. Some designs were also available with four-wheel drive. Identify more on this affiliated wiki by clicking http://www.franciscosautorepair.com/ford-repair-huntington-beach. In 2,000, the cars were equipped with altered side air bags to enhance the safety of the head and chest in the event of impact. The dash airbags were also increased with the deployment force that would be matched by additional sensors to road speed and seatbelt use. If the airbags were employed a unique program also auto