Hurdle London

marketing agency in London, United Kingdom

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We are a team of marketing specialists, creative thinkers and data experts who provide offline marketing support for the tech startup community.

As the reach and scope of online marketing in the digital age continues to grow at its current rapid rate, an increasing amount of resources are being tied up in online activity such as PPC & SEO.

An increasing number of innovative, passionate startup companies are falling at this first, crucial marketing 'hurdle'. The necessity to maintain a strong online presence is not only stifling obligation for some companies, it also a resource-intensive operation that limits opportunity available elsewhere.

At Hurdle, we think differently. We believe that the need to incorporate offline, traditional marketing techniques as part of an integrated marketing strategy has never been more important than it is today.

Traditional marketing channels are not only a means to cut through the 'digital clutter' that exists today, they also guarantee the delivery of a physical message that will resonate with potential customers. Offline marketing is experiencing a renaissance and resurgence in popularity. At Hurdle, we are leading the charge into the future of integrated marketing.