Sander Nizni [HyperAbsolute]

Software Engineer, Project Manager, and Designer in San Francisco, California

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Greetings, I’m Sander Nizni, and this page tells you a little about me. Here we go:

Technology and commerce change daily. So, the diversity of my background is more valuable than its relevance to any one industry or to the product’s market size. I have worked mostly in flat, dynamic teams (mainly agile) of 4-26 members, including startups, agencies, enterprise-scale firms and Fortune 500 companies. Thanks to this diverse experience and a unique academic blend (which includes schoolwork in marketing, design and business process management), I can “connect the dots” between business strategy, marketing goals, product management and UX design (HCI, IxD, UI, IA, user research, visual design, etc.). Above all, I believe in what I do, and I don’t take on projects that don’t inspire me. This is why my deliverables rock, my teams work like a clock, and my users and stakeholders smile.