Berkey Scam

What You Need to Know: The Berkey Water Purifier

When looking for Reverse Osmosis Reviews on the Internet, the Berkey name is one that will be seen quite often. The Berkey Water Filter reviews generally say that assembly of the system is quite simple, half an hour at most. Some of the other major benefits that most Berkey reviews mention include:

•Attractive and sturdy shell made from stainless steel

•The ability to filter out bacteria to a near-perfect level

•The ability to filter land viruses

•The ability to remove chlorine from the water to the point that it can't be detected

•The ability to take lead and similar heavy metals out of the water (as much as 95 percent of heavy metals can be eliminated)

•Special PF2 filters that can strip fluoride and arsenic out of the water

•No need for special plumbing

•An easy-to-use test to determine when filter replacement is needed

•The ability to utilize non-public water sources in the event of an emergency

Most people who review the Berkey system mention how powerful the system is. It tends to stand out from other similar systems on the market because it can remove damaging things while allowing the good things like healthy minerals to stay intact. This allows the body to get all of its essential minerals and absolutely none of the harmful ones.

One standout feature of the Berkey system is the large black filters. The filters needed for the Big Berkey system measure almost a foot long. They are crafted from a special blend of six unique materials, and are unlike any other filter on the market. The Berkey filters eclipse the 7 ANSI/NSF requirements for filtration, making them strong enough to quality as true water purifiers. Any system can filter water, but only a select few systems can purify water on the level that the Berkey system is currently doing, according to the vast majority of positive reviews on the system today.

While the cost of a water filter system like this one can be significant, that cost must be measured against the future rewards. The system will continue to provide your family with healthy clean water for many years to come, allowing you to