Randolph Eustace-Walden

Author and Producer in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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I was published at age six and running my first entertainment company before I was out of my teens. I'm an author, and I write full time. I'm also a television producer, writer and director... and traveller. Travel is in my veins, although I didn't really start to venture much beyond my comfort zone until I was in my mid-20s. After that, it was...

"What comfort zone...?!"

I've moved 52 times in my life, including a yearlong stint in one of my very favourite cities, Singapore. Motion is the key.

From Kindergarten to Grade Eight – nine years – I went to ten different schools in two different cities. Two of those schools I attended two different times; that doesn't include the three different places I lived prior to going to school.

Nomadic? Absolutely. Adventurous? Definitely. Homebody? Not so much.

As far as I'm concerned, the best road in any town is the one that leads to the next town. And as much as I understand the whole St. Christopher thing, I long ago adopted Yogi Berra as my patron saint:

"When you reach the fork in the road... take it!"

Damn straight! I can write anywhere!