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bicycle mechanic in Bristol, UK

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FAQ - What service are you offering?

If you live in Bristol postcodes BS1, BS2, BS3, BS5, BS6, BS7 or BS8 and something goes wrong with your bike then iLovesMyBike may be able to help you?

I'm a mobile bicycle mechanic & offer an initial 15 min consultation at your home or workplace, during which we will agree the right level of service your bike needs.

FAQ - Can you describe how your service works in 9 steps?

1. You can make contact with me through

2. Though messenger, I will invite you to email [email protected] and share some information: your home address, contact number and the brand & model of your bike with any particular problems you may currently be experiencing with it?

3. I will then send you an advanced *£15.00 invoice, which covers the cost of a call out & short consultation - a 'Preventative Health Checkup', which is a 15 minute diagnosis of your bicycle (with you being present).

4. Once I've received payment, I will offer you the earliest available appointment to come and meet you & diagnose your bike, at your home or workplace.

5. During this consultation, we can discuss your needs and will agree what needs prioritising in any subsequent workshop time. The 'Preventative Health Checkup' will determine the right Service Level your bike needs.

6. Then I can safely attach your bike to mine to carry out the work outside my home. I will tell you my address and bring evidence, so you don't have to worry.

7. When work on your bike is completed, I will send you a final invoice for the agreed work.

8. Once you have paid, you can come and pick up your bike, which will now be safe, fun and ready-to-ride.

9. If you are happy with my service, you can share your experience on my facebook page as an endorsement for others to read when considering hiring me.

Hire iLovesMyBike - if YOU love YOUR bike?

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