When did you know you wanted to be involved in the hair business? When I was 15. Do I really want to say what happened? [...] No wait, take that out

When did you arrive at Storm and why did you stay? Lisa and I started Storm Salon in 1995. We really wanted to give our clients a great experience from beginning to end. It sounds crazy but hairdressers can sometimes forget that the goal is to make people feel good and look good. I don't want clients to walk away thinking about how great I am, I want them to go home and love their hair every day. We share that sensitivity and so we have always worked well together.

What is the most important human value for you? I don’t know. Kindness? Well, my favorite thing is when someone can make fun of themselves and make me laugh really hard. That’s hilarious. Also, I don’t like when people can be cruel to animals so what’s the opposite of that?

What is your greatest wish? Do you mean like world peace or do you mean like a vintage Porsche? Why are you laughing? Which one am I allowed to pick?