Ben Redulla

Persuasive, communicative, patient, amiable, accurate, precise, thorough, sympathetic, peaceful, non-aggressive, outgoing, gregarious, organized, disciplined, asks "who", "how" and "why".

Generally misunderstood. I am the proverbial "Mentos" persona: crunchy/strong on the outside, soft and chewy on the inside. I speak my mind, and articulate my emotions...possibly within bounds of tact, but never sugar-coated. I dance like nobody's watching...or as if everybody is watching. I pray like a saint, but cuss like a truck driver. I comfortably transform from corporate formal to society papparazzi-worthy to kanto jologs/barok. I have been ofttimes branded as a "flirt" and a "tease"...and I have not contradicted since.