Musician in Atlanta, Georgia

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Groov was born in Kingston, NY and began playing percussion at the age of 9. After many years passing, learning and studying, Groov started his own label and relocated to Atlanta in 2004. He formed his own jazz band, GroovProject and began performing, recording and touring.

Groov has released and produced four independent jazz albums with his group, GroovProject. The debut album entitled, "Soul Jazzations" was released in March 2006 and their sophomore project called, "The Life, The Loss, The Love", was released in December 2007. GP released a third independent album entitled, "Electric Vibes" on September 24, 2009. The next project, "Freedom" was released in December 2011. GroovProject's current release is entitled, "#Soulsessions" which was released Aug 2013. Check out groovproject.bandcamp.com

Groov's uncle (Tony Lindsay) is the lead singer for Grammy award winning artist, Carlos Santana, a guitar legend.

Musical Director for: GroovProject, TwinSpirit, Shamora, Tracy Hamlin, Songbyrd Jackson, Jonathan Blanchard, Daj, Casuell

Producer: TwinSpirit - "My Beautiful Ugly" CD (Release May 2011)