Ian Hafkenschiel, Esq.

Web Developer, Graphic Designer, and Attorney in Palo Alto, California

I am a web developer, graphic designer, and attorney from Silicon Valley, California.

My specialty is developing custom-coded prototypes for startup companies to prove their concept and deliver them to the growth financing stage.

For informational and branding sites, I build or implement stylish Wordpress themes for small businesses.

I also provide support for medium sized e-commerce businesses that use Magento. If your site has grown too slow and buggy, I can help.

I am passionate about cryptocurrencies and run a cryptocurrency tax preparation startup called GetCryptoTax (https://getcryptotax.com) and its cousin Australia Crypto Tax (https://australiacryptotax.com).

I have been freelancing web development, graphic design, and business consultations for 15+ years helping businesses and individuals create a web presence with clean, professional, and friendly web sites and top notch search engine results as well as helping young startup companies develop their mission, brand identity, business plans, and pitches.

View my graphic design and UI portfolio here: https://www.behance.net/ihafkenschiel

I have founded or co-developed several web companies including:

- Fantasy Congress (80,000 registered users, NYTimes, LATimes frontpage, and offers from Prentice Hall, MSNBC, and Politico)

- Cityblooms (with clients such as Plantronics, Cabrillo College, and one of the highest market value companies in the world under NDA),

- theWimzy/SocialWimzy (which I pitched at the Santa Clara University California Program for Entrepreneurship competition and received $1000 for winning the mobile/web category).

- GetCryptoTax (featured on Yahoo! Finance, CNBC and Business Insider)

You can view past projects that I have personally built at: https://ianlightning.com

My education includes Computer Science and Economics from Claremont McKenna College in 2008, a Masters in Business Administration and a Doctor of Law from Santa Clara University in 2012, and I am a licensed attorney in Washington State.

Fluent Coding Languages: PHP, MySQL, Javascript, HTML5, CSS3

Previous Experience in: Python, Node.js, Java, Angular.js

Frameworks: CodeIgniter, Bootstrap, PhoneGap, Meteor

Cloud: Digital Ocean, AWS, Rackspace, Azure

APIs: Pusher, Twilio, Stripe, Sia, Coinbase, Infusionsoft

I am a digital nomad, traveling and working remotely around the world. You can follow my travels and advice to other digital nomads on my travel blog, A Man Called Iantrepid (http://iantrepid.com).

  • Education
    • MBA 2012, Leavey School of Business
    • JD 2012, Santa Clara University Law School
    • BA 2008, Claremont McKenna College (Econ/CompSci)