ian michael wright

Content Strategist in San Diego, California

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In the three-plus decades since I slithered into this world—with calculated stealth, acute punctuality, and a ravenous desire to know "what our plans were for the day"— specific interests, quirky hobbies, fleeting obsessions, and the occasional bout of inexplicably specific disdain have been stitched together by an intense respect for the necessity of the following parameters: efficiency, quality, attractiveness, utility, organization, and ingenuity.

Today, my hopefully-healthy compulsions are manifested by a concurrent passion for—and insistence upon:

* the tactical, effusive, poetic brand of football championed by North London's Arsenal Football Club;

* design with an intrinsic duality—whereby a succinct, effective message infiltrates the subconscious—deftly under the guise of awe-inspiring, occasionally inharmonious aesthetics;

* the oft-painful breaking-in of raw, selvedge denim—specifically the 18-month period during which they must not be washed under any circumstance—in an effort to produce a garment potentially mistaken for the indigo-hued version of one's own skin;

* a mechanical pencil's relationship with graph paper that sanctions accuracy, precision, and any number of lascivious urges;

* literature demonstrative of equal parts dry humor, wet humility, and for the love of Lynne Truss—proper grammar;

* typography—the purest, most charming embodiment of the aforementioned parameters—that facilitates coherence and organization whilst oftentimes managing to appear downright sultry...epitomized flawlessly by the curious union developed between the Latin 'e' and 't', resulting in the beau-tilitarian set of swirls that we know and love as the &.

  • Education
    • University of California, San Diego