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Ian Lucero

Ian Lucero

Freelance Editor / Director of Photography

Based in Portland, Oregon I along with Seattle-based filmmaker Ryan K Adams, have a production company called Block My Eye Films.

• Great Cold of the Night Music Video - (DP/Edit, for Steven Miller/Midday Veil)
• PONCHO Youth Philanthropy Project Crowd-Funding Video - (DP/Edit, for PONCHO)
• Fences For Fido: "Buddy" - (DP/Edit, for Fences for Fido)
• Being Moved - (DP/Edit, for Meshi Chavez)

Papermaker's Studio Guide DVD – (DP/Editor, for Helen Hiebert)
Vajra Acupuncture & Eclectic Energy Work – (DP/Editor, for Maya Vajra)
More Music @ The Moore, DANCE This, Doors, Neptune "The Club Promo, Shins Q&A, Young Choreographers Lab, Songwriter's Lab – (DP/Animator/Editor, for Seattle Theatre Group)
"Underneath" Kickstarter – (DP/Sound/Editor, for Wobbly Dance)
• "Einstein On The Beach" & "Underbelly" – (DP/Editor, for Degenerate Art Ensemble)
Witches! The Musical – (DP/Editor, for Conrad Askland)