Ian McKeown, PhD

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Ian McKeown, PhD

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia

Originally from glorious Northern Ireland, now residing in sunny Adelaide, Australia

After working at the Sports Institute for Northern Ireland for 5 years I spent 3 brilliant years at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra before moving to Adelaide to take up a dream job in AFL with Port Adelaide Football Club

Whilst in Canberra I studied for my PhD in Strength and Conditioning and also worked as an S+C coach for the AIS and ACTAS. This opportunity also enabled me to work with the Matilda's (FFA women's football national team) and many other sports

At the end of 2013 I completed my PhD in "Power development and movement ability in junior athletes"

Most importantly whilst in Canberra and at the AIS I met Kristie. The girl of my dreams... and now my wife. She also has a PhD from the AIS and works in high performance sport in the sport science/S+C field. To only say this is what she does, does her a diservice, she has so much to offer and is extremely passionate about making her athletes the best they can be. I am very proud to be her husband, without her I wouldn't be where I am today.

I am now Head of Athletic Development at Port Adelaide FC, balancing the complex interaction of injury prevention, long term athlete development, athletic performance and elite S+C coaching

I have a compulsive interest in athletic development, expert performance and how to best get my athletes to the pinnacle of their sport.

Will read everything and anything related to my field and the surrounding areas.

Apart from that, I reckon I am a good lad, enjoy the banter/craic at all times and always looking for a training partner!

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    • Port Adelaide Football Club
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    • University of Canberra
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