Iban M. Sellés

Editor and Postproductor in Sant Andreu de la Barca, Espanya

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I'm an Audiovisual Editor and Postproductor, based near Barcelona. Got a lot of experience already in different fields suchs as Sound Recordist, Audio and video editor, VFX, Credits, Color Correction, and even Music Scores.

Shortfilms, documentaries, interviews, music sessions, live concerts, vblogs, animation, advertisment, music videos... I think I edited/postproduced mostly everything. The movie lefts, but will come (Hope will be good one!! xD)

Luckily, the speed conections nowadays allows me to collaborate with people around the world as you can see in the links below. I have clients in Spain as well as in the USA, Canada, Argentina, Norway or Australia. Feel free to contacte me if you think I can do something for you.

I develope my own audiovisual projects too. You can check some of the links below. Others rest in various hard drives, finished, almost finished or not finished at all. The rest will dry with the mellon I have above the shoulders, i guess.

I have my "autoband", Neolithic Tools Today, that I basically use to escape sometimes. Or to explore some others. Most part are instrumental and I always invite people to find a tune and sing them if they are inspired. So you will be welcome if want.

Feel free to contacte me, whatever is the reason for it.

Enjoy, people!!

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