Ibrahim Ahmadoun

Aviation and Private Jet Sales and Charter in Antwerpen, Belgium

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Reared in Antwerpen, Belgium, Ibrahim Ahmadoun has earned a formidable reputation in Private Jet Sales and Charter, fortified by a bachelor's degree in Business Management. After completing his education, he dived into the complex sphere of offshore gas projects in the North Sea. Before settling into his current specialization, he received his Cabin Attendant certification from Jetair Fly and ETIHAD Airways.

Possessing a visionary outlook, he has played a crucial role in establishing and leading flourishing domestic and international aviation businesses. His proficiency in six languages has proven invaluable in building international partnerships and forging cross-border relationships.

Launching his aviation career as an Executive Handling Manager, he spearheaded the Fixed Base Operation (FBO) at Antwerp Airport, serving Flying Group and Aviapartner. Under his insightful leadership, the FBO witnessed robust growth, enhancing the company's profitability and market reach. His adept problem-solving and professionalism were also displayed as Club Manager for Club Industria and La Gare 27, contributing to the latter's prosperous launch and growth.

2008 he broke ground by initiating Flying Group's expansion into Dubai. With the full endorsement of his CEO, Johan Van Lokeren, Ibrahim specialized in private jet management at Antwerp Airport, catering to a high-profile clientele that included Fortune 500 CEOs.

Outside his professional sphere, he is an ardent traveler and sports enthusiast. These activities, he believes, enrich his leadership and problem-solving abilities. His affection for sailing, basketball, and other watersports has even led him to assume the role of a youth basketball coach, highlighting his dedication to community upliftment.

Devoted to his family and philanthropic efforts, he is a loving husband and father of two. He often partakes in his children's athletic activities and maintains a discreet but significant commitment to charitable work, driven by his deeply held values and faith.