Dr. Igor Calzada, MBA

Academic, Lecturer, and Research Fellow in Oxford, United Kingdom

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Dr. Igor Calzada, MBA (www.igorcalzada.com/about), is Lecturer, Research Fellow and Policy Adviser at the University of Oxford in COMPAS by co-ordinating the European strategy of the Urban Transformations ESRC programme (http://www.urbantransformations.ox.ac.uk/people/igor-calzada/) and also member of the Future of Cities Programme (http://www.futureofcities.ox.ac.uk/people/igor-calzada/).

His research focusses on the urban and political implications of smart citiy policies in Europe, working as an expert for the European Commission UIA (Urban Innovative Actions) and H2020-SCC Framework Programmes by carrying out city-to-city-learning policy and research with stakeholders. Likewise he conducts benchmarking of city-regions beyond their nation-states (www.cityregions.org). His main research interest concerns comparing social, economic and technologic, democratic and politically innovative processes in smart cities and city-regions by paying special attention to regional/metropolitan governance devolution cases through the application of qualitative and action research methods.

In addition, he holds a lecturer in the MSc in Global Sustainable Cities at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow by teaching Global Cities and Public Policy (http://www.strath.tv/?v=1313k4474f). He is associate fellow at the Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Brussels Centre for Urban Studies (http://www.urbanstudies.brussels/people/igor-calzada).

Since 2002, he has been working at the universities of Birmingham (UK), Nevada (USA), Helsinki (Finland) and Mondragon (Spain).

His research has been founded by the ESRC, H2020, Marie Curie, RSA and Ikerbasque, has been published in the Journal of Urban Technology, RSRS, Innovation Journal, and Systems MDPI, among others.

He has given keynote conferences on (smart) cities in China, Brazil, Latin America (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z2a6Dmt2MYs) and Europe.

He has extensive experience outside academia working in the private sector for ten years in the Mondragon Co-operative Corporation (www.mondragon-corporation.com) and in the public sector as Director in the Basque regional government. At present he gives advice to international, national, re

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