Philip McAllister

Coventry, West Midlands

  • Digital / New media professional - 18 years
  • Digital strategy - 7 years
  • Scrum / Agile - 10 years
  • Scrum master - 8 years
  • Product owner - 2 years

Web professional since 1996, professional communiatior, UX and information architect, coder, problem solver, wordsmith.

I help teams deliver digital projects using Agile & Scrum methods. My wide experience in software development, communication an media lets me engage effectively with stakeholders at any level.

I'm a communicator, I help other people to frame their ideas.
I'm a facilitator, I help others to discover their own solutions.
I'm a developer, I hack code and make stuff work.
I'm a manager, I coach my team to achieve their potential.
I provide insight and inspiration.