IDea Interiors

Montreal, Canada

Elena has been passionate about interiors from the moment she moved into her tiny rental apartment 20 years ago. Once she bought her interior design magazines she was hooked. In Love. Nuts. Since then she has shared her passion and her natural talents with friends and clients in the Montreal area.

Her work has recently been featured in the Montreal Gazette Homefront page, as well as the online Daily Single,, Deconome Blog as well as Quebec's French language publication Je Decore magazine. She is also a guest writer for

She eats and breathes a diet of interiors, blogs about them and offers a unique service - spacelift - where she uses what you have to change the look of your space. Kind of like a facelift without expensive collagen.

Her ability to lsten to clients, use her innate traits like hunting for a great deal, along with her bubbly and enthusiastic personality make her an ideal person for you to work with.

Got a cool idea - or want something of yours featured on her blog?

Check out her work - which will tell you loads about what she can do for you!