David Elliott Lewis

I'm an Industrial/Organizational Psychologist by training, a Management Consultant and Software entrepreneur by profession but a Volunteer, Photographer, Writer and Activist by inclination.

EDUCATION: Originally driven to seek greater self understanding, I majored in Psychology at UCLA. As my focus shifted to practical applications of Psychology, I continued my education to obtain a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational at the University of Tennessee at Knoxville.

TEACHING: From 1985 to 1989, I taught Masters level courses in the Human Resources and Organizational Development program at the University of San Francisco.

SOFTWARE PRODUCTS: From 1986 to 2000 I developed software for performance assessment plus database programming tools including a word processor for databases (Word Wrapper), a spell checker for databases (Foxspell Checker) and an award winning plain English-to-SQL query interface (Query Maker).

A LIFE OF CHANGE: My life has been one of changes, reversals and renewals. -> From Los Angeles to Knoxville Tennessee to San Francisco. -> From Art and Film Making to Psychology. -> From Research Psychology to Applied Psychology. -> From Psychology to Software Technology. -> From Technology to the Written, Spoken and Visual Arts. -> From a Professional Career to Disabling Depression. -> From Depression to Recovery. -> From Living Large to Micro-Financed Simplicity. -> From Self Indulgence to Service to Others. -> From Unquestioning Acceptance to Inquiry. -> From Belief in the System to Activism. -> From Security to Freedom.

CURRENTLY: My current activities include volunteering to promote social justice, event and campaign photography, political and promotional writing, social media marketing plus web consulting for search engine optimization.

My priorities are helping my community and the democratic process, striving for social justice and trying to improve myself.

I have been appointed to the Board of Directors for the Community Housing Partnership and also Central City Democrats. In Oct 2010, I began a public speaking tour for the Mental Health Association of San Francisco's SOLVE program (Sharing Our Lives Voices & Experiences) to help destigmatize mental illness. In April 2011, I was appointed to the city's Mental Health Board.

P.S. The background photo shows a Red Tailed Hawk that I photographed sitting on my building's fire-escape.