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TRAINING INSTITUTE and Teacher in Jaipur

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Finance is the backbone of every business, as human beings need oxygen to survive same as businesses need proper financial knowledge to create something big. Formal education will help you in living but financial education will help you make fortune It is impossible to run a Dream business without understanding finance. Money is an essential commodity, IFATH Believes people consciously don’t expose money matters in front of their children and also hide any financial problems they might be facing, all because they think this is for the betterment of children, because through generations, this is how Indian households have brought up their kids. It is time to break this particular mould. involving them in day to day money matters starting with the household expenses helps open their minds to some financial aspects.

Financial Education is a very vast and long chapter - You cannot jump directly to any topic - nothing you are going to understand if you do so.
1st you have to understand finance which is related to your day-to-day life and that’s Where you should start - Accounting, Income Tax, GST.