Igenie Services

For sure, you might have come across a situation where you need someone to just drive you somewhere on a day-off, aren’t you? So many times haven’t you failed to reach at the destination because of traffic? And many more such same scenarios happens and thus to help you with your special need we have come up with our unique service called chauffeur service, most importantly for the time when you need driver in Ahmedabad.

Party Hopping

After the party we all know it seems similar to impossible to reach home safely. But now onwards, your only concern should be about enjoyment because in less than 60 seconds, you can book our service to safely pick &drops you before and after the party.

Medical emergency

Need to take your Grandma or Grandpa to the doctor? Or is your pregnant wife is in need emergency medical requirements? We will get you to where you have to be!


So, you have made your holiday plans but you can’ take risk to leave your car to the airport till the time you come back? Just book our service and leave rest on us and yes you only think about the holiday and a lot enjoyment.

Important Functions

You are ready for a traditional party but it’s not easy to drive in your attire? Just book our chauffeur service and will take you to your place safely and bring you back home at your comfort and time.

Hectic Day!

So have Family members visiting? But need to get to work to make sure that they can go for the window shopping too? Well, we with our chauffeur service we assure you to organize both! On your time you will be dropped off at your destination and then the driver will ferry your relatives for the day.

Don’t you think it’s a win win situation, beacuse it is!