Ignacio Alcalde

Consultant, Director, and Public Speaker in Madrid, España

Ignacio Alcalde

Consultant, Director, and Public Speaker in Madrid, España

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Expert in Territories & Smart Cities | Urban Strategies & Solutions | Architect, Planner & City Developer |

★ Expert in transformation and development of intelligent territories and cities.

★ Strategy, management and implementation of urban initiatives.

★ Focusing on the Smart Cities and the City + Technology intersection.

★ Managerial responsibilities in structuring strategies, plans and projects for the transformation of Cities and Territories.

★ Extensive experience in alliances, collaborative structures and leadership of multidisciplinary teams geared to specific objectives.

★ Experience in the interaction between public entities and private companies for the improvement of cities.

☑ Architect and City Developer with 30 years of experience.

☑ The work carried out has received several awards (UN Habitat, CEOE, COAM, etc.), such as the European Urbanism Prize, the highest distinction in Europe, and the Global Smart Cities Award.

☑ I value and apply new technologies as instruments for change towards a concept of Smart City.

☑ Some keys to my work:

➜ From Vision to Action. Orientation to results, moving "from ideas to reality", developing the different phases of the sequence between conceptualization and implementation of a project, plan or urban strategy.

➜ Urban Co-Leadership. Work with institutional leaders, articulation of links with companies, public-private partnership, support of supranational entities, academic collaboration, social participation, governance, etc.

➜ Urban Solutions. Experience in the development and application of many innovative tools and methodologies appropriate to each situation and related to urban and territorial strategies, plans, projects, urban initiatives, strategic alliances, governance, management, international financing programs, city marketing, urban diplomacy, communication, physical and digital edition, training and transfer of knowledge, application of technology to the city, etc.

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    • Expert Smart Cities
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    • University of Navarra