I heart Reykjavík !

When I research the places I’m about to visit, it sometimes bothers me that it takes me forever to find what I’m looking for. I’m not always searching for information about accommodation or the most popular tourist attractions. Sometimes I just want to know where I’ll be able to surf the internet for free or where it’s best to go to see a movie. I get a lot of questions about Reykjavík through my Couchsurfing profile and sometimes I’ve wished that I had a place to direct people so I wouldn’t have to write down the same answers over and over again. That’s how the idea behind I heart Reykjavík came about.

On a more personal note, my life has changed somewhat in the past few years – settling down, making a home, working for the man (I think they call this growing up) – and I don’t get as many opportunities as before to go out and explore the world. So instead of sulking about the travel budget getting cut, I decided to go out and explore Reykjavík as if I was seeing it for the first time and share my findings with whoever might find it interesting.